Tie the “Knot!”

Neck ties have always been that piece of accessory , that always gave a man that extra crisp and professional look. Neckties came from  the history of being worn for formal looks, uniforms and waiters staff  . The first necktie dates all the way back to 1720’s   .Neckties come in a wide range of colors,shapes , and patterns . From polka dots , to strips , plaids ,to vibrant yellows ,to navy or black. You can find that perfect tie to complete any look. Ties look the best with suites and even causal looks that include a blazer,  a button down collared shirt  and a nice pair of denim .Even ties have an accessory .Some come with buttons ,or even a tie clip. Ties make a  perfect  Christmas or Birthday gift for dad,husband ,brother,or son .Even a great gift for that  fashionable women ,going for the “Man”look ” with a Feminine Twist.

Some stores and sites that carry great men’s neckties .

Loehmanns.com – http://www.loehmanns.com/

H&M – http://www.hm.com/us/

Express.com – http://www.express.com/home.jsp

TopShop / TopMan – http://www.topshop.com

Macy’s- http://www.macys.com/

anymore .


Ready!Cut! Sew!


Representing Hartford,CT.  It’s Carmen Veal. The next up coming fashion designer. With her cutting -edge  use of patterns,fabrics,cuts and color Carmen at 23  is taking fashion to new heights. Carmen  is such a Renascence women .While Carmen is pursing a Bachelors degree in Psychology ,which she will have in fall of 2009. She is busy designing  in fashion shows and working with models and musicians to showcase  her work. In five years ,Carmen plans to own her own clothing line, own a non profit organization that provides exposure and mentoring to up and coming models and designers.Carmen also plans  to provide mentoring and support services to children and families living in poverty. Her biggest inspiration in her life is her five year old daughter.An her favorite  quote is ,”Be kinder than necessary- everyone you meet is fighting some type of battle”.


Carmen, says that she has the passion for fashion. A dedication to helping. A desire for success. Carmen is preparing for a fashion show in New York City this fall. She is also preparing for a photo-shoot that will be displayed  in a fashion publication.


Sani Auri Fashion by Carmen Veal

Here’s Carmen’s contact information.

facebook: carmenveal@uconn.edu
modelmayhem # 55997
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The Year Of Kitty Bradshaw !


Happy Anniversary Kitty! On August 12, 2009  -Kitty Bradshaw celebrated her  one-year anniversary for her blog KittyBradshaw.com at  Nightingale Lounge, a hip ,chic little spot in the East -Village with great cock-tail specials and a bar tender to die for .Kitty hails from LA. But is one NYC ‘s top blogers .Her quote – “My New York life from a  California Perspective ” Kitty was not only the “Blog Queen” of the night but she also had to fill the shoes of being awared ,a  “Gap Brand Enthusuast“.


Every where you turned around there were  sexy models rocking “Denim” from “The  GAP ” ,their new collection,”Born to Fit”!   I myself  rocked the standard pair. I automatically fell in love with them.

Gap 1969 

Model: Matthew Reuter.Check out my 1969’s ”

gap models 2 

We were “Born to fit !”

Kb and male modes 

Kitty and the Male Models.

gift card 

Thanks for the gift card Gap and Kitty.

Gap was not the only sponsors at the party.Kitty had one of the best Swag-Bag’s you ever seen.Better than some designers and pr firms at fashion week. Some of these wonderful companies included ; Sprite Green ,FYXX  energy water, black & white M&M’s(yummy),Almond  Cookie Shea body lotion by Carol’s Daughter and it keeps your skin so soft ,an issue of Uptown Magazine,Yum Yum candles,condoms from LifeBeat “lets wrap it up”, the best red-velvet cake you wanted to taste by CakeMan and some fresh kicks  provided by Southpole.




The party was Hott and the guest were  as well I tell you. The supporters came out in full force .She had various blogers and industry professionals that range from restaurant owners, entertainers ,radio personalities ,models, fashionistas and so much more.

david dust

David Dust one of  NYC’s Top bloger. We had drinks and laughed and talked he’s such a great guy. check out his blog- http://daviddust.blogspot.com/ followe him on twitter. http://Twitter.com/Daviddust.com

KB party

mz model

kb party 1

more gapfemale wit Kb

Thank you for the invite Kitty.Other blogers and readers you should check out  Kitty’s blog  and of coarse follow her on twitter.

Kitty’s Contact Info:

Office:                   646.867.0740
Main Email:           Kitty@KittyBradshaw.com
Secondary Email:   KittyBradshaw.com@gmail.com
Website:       http://kittybradshaw.com/
MySpace Page:      http://www.myspace.com/kittybradshaw
Google Profile:      http://www.google.com/profiles/KittyBradshaw.com
FaceBook:       http://www.facebook.com/KittyBradshawFB
Twitter:       http://twitter.com/KittyBradshaw