Moncler Grenoble 2010

New York Fashion Week February 2010 has wrapped and it was absolutely stunning this year.  Now we all must get ready to be upwardly mobile…meaning move our fashionable arses uptown to Lincoln Center in the Fall. *Le Sigh*  However, as we relished our last time in the Tents at Bryant Park, many lines spared no expense and pulled out all the stops.  One such line was Moncler! 

Moncler decided to show in the United States,  for the first time!  And like a virgin couple on prom night, they made it special!  They unveiled their new collection, Moncler Grenoble, on Valentines day at Chelsea Piers.  Well-known as the home of the Law & Order franchise, Chelsea Piers also houses a giant sports complex.  Moncler chose The Golf Club at Pier 59. 

To establish a more “REAL” energy, Moncler chose to use REAL people as opposed to the normal castings done for Fashion Week using the prominent modeling agencies.  They held a casting and after thousands of hopefuls were seen, 100 lucky young men and women were chosen to be apart of the this wonderful presentation.  The kids were stacked on multi-tiered scaffolding and looked to be futuristic robots.  The models were at a stand still and the visual brought the garments to life!  Ironic how the absence of life (visually that is, with them being completely still) would make the scene so ALIVE! 
All were impressed and awed, and there was no shortage of FABS in the space.  From famous editors to Foreign press, socialites, actors, designers and fashionsitas, everyone came out to view the collection.  They all ‘oohed & ahhed’ while sipping on warm apple cider and hot chocolate.
I personally hope Moncler presents again in September. I could only begin to imagine where they go from here!

To check it out for yourself, see the link below!  The pics (provided by C&M Media) speak a thousand words, but I have just one for you Moncler…WERRRRKKKKKK!!!!!!!!



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