Birth of Climax+Fashion+Music =02.05.10


FashionClimax and The Nikera Clothing Team will be hosting a Fashion + Music networking event in NYC . They guest list will contain some of the industries best .From Music artists that have worked with Timberland and Trey Songz, music writers , and many talented musicians . Welcoming you  to the fashion world with extraordinary buyers ,models ,stylists,designers,merchandisers, fashion magazine journalists, publicists , bloggers , and the up coming muses of our generation . This is a definite “Devil Wears Prada”! meets Making the Band!”


During the that night they will also be celebrating the birth of   RaShawn Litrell Davis known as @FashionClimax. Nikera Clothing will also be working on an AD CAMPAIGN for there 2010 Summer Collection . You can find more information on Nikera Clothing – There will be business cards and bottle popping for sure and event you wouldnt want to miss out on.The Fusion of two great worlds !!!!!


 Follow Nikera Clothing on Twitter ( @NikeraClothing)

There are only 3 or 4 spaces available. If you did not receive an invite and you feel you deserve to be in the building leave a comment with your company name, website, and email address to


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