Lights! Camera! Stilettos!

The buzz is heavy and the anticipation for New York Fashion Week (February 11th-18th) has all of the fashion world in motion. Designers will be un-veiling their Fall 2010 collections on the heels of a very vibrant and wonderful showing for Spring and Cruise 2010. All of the Editors, Buyers, Stylists, Bloggers, Celebrities, and Socialites are awaiting their invites from the PR firms. Models are scrambling around the City with their portfolios in tow, trying to earn that coveted spot on the runways! High-profile hairstylists are warming up their curling irons and the make-up artists are gathering their brushes…all preparing to come together to create what we call the “Look.” I am giddy with excitement about it all, though it saddens me that this will be the last year that Fashion Week will be in the “Tents” in Bryant Park. In September, Fashion Week will be held at Lincoln Center in Mid-town Manhattan. This is much to the dismay of the participants. From my understanding they feel it’s too far to travel and does not represent the chic exclusivity of the “Tents.” But I’m sure after the kinks are out, it will be just as successful as Bryant Park. It may take a little time to get used to, but Fab Fashion is Fab Fashion, location not withstanding. For more information, schedules, and times, check out Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week . You can also check your local listings for the Style Channel’s coverage of the shows, behind-the-scenes footage and more! *Fashion Climax


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