New Yorks Fashion Frenzy…New York Fashion Week Fall 2009


Lights,fabrics, and scissors…oh yeah and celebrities .The garment district is swamped with Assistants and Interns trying to scramble and pick up samples for fittings. Model go- sees and late nights at Showrooms and Public Relations Firms.  Everyone is  trying to prepare their collections for Mercedes-Benz Fashion-week , which will be held  in one the  worlds Fashion Capitals  New York City .Fashion Week will take place at Bryant Park on Sep. 10-17 2009. Mercedes -Benz Fashion Week is always hosted by IMG World the worlds top company known for fashion,sports,and media. Many designers have spent countless hours with barley any sleep for over six-months , trying to get there collections just right for a thirty- min production. Public-Relation firms and departments making there guest lists,sending out invites ,and pre-paring “Swag-Bags”.  Now you can see why these industries professionals can’t wait to take a couple of shots during the after-party.This is  the so called “Glam” part of fashion but prior to this there is a lot of blood,sweat,and tears.Backstage is pure “Koas”…flying hangers,flat irons,dressers,and some an unorganized mess but trust their is  a method to their madness and it’s well organized.Here’s the link to the line up.



Here’s a few clips of from Paris Fashion Week…The first clip is the trend-setter Kanye-West and his entourage.


Here’s a close-up of color and hair.


Inside the tents at Bryant-Park.During New York Fashion Week.


My life at Betsey Johnson during Fashion Week.n101400691_30119031_2011n101400691_30119772_9612

Betsey and Tyra Banks.


At the Showroom ….


bj and i

Yep had to sneak this one in.It’s me and my old boss Betsey Johnson.:-)

Here’s the link to for fashion week. You can find out all  the information here ..


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