Look into my “EYE”!

Lights!Camera!Flashes! beware of the new up and coming photographer Clayton Carr.

Carr ,is a Aspiring Photographer from New York City . He is a military veteran and upon his released from the U.S Navy has been trained as a Fine Art Photographer and is currently training at the New York Film Academy at NBC Universal  and is scheduled to graduate on September 8, 2012. Below is a link to his website so that you can view more of his work. Here are four exclusive images shot on the movie lots at NBC Universal. This is just a glimpse of what is soon to come.

Website: www.TheCreatorsEye.com

Also make sure you follow him on Twitter:@Film_Noir_


Trapped in the Closet – Life in the “Fashion Closet “

Chanel,D&G,Miu Miu ,Prada,KCG, Missoni ,Showroom Seven,C&M Media ,Calvin Klein ,PR Consulting ,just to name a few, are the places that many people in the fashion closet make pick- ups  and drop- offs to on the daily .Glamorous Right?not so much, even through rain, sleet ,snow or shine it has to be done. Picture it ,having to run to the  Michael Kors  showroom and you have three large garment bags and three shopping bags of shoes waiting for you .How I am supposed to carry all of this ?that is what you are thinking ,as you see the PR girl looking at you with amazement, like how are  you suppose to get on the subway with all those pieces ,wiping her forehead and saying “Thank GOD ” it is not me.Once you get back with all of the pieces you are required to check every piece in. Hoping there is an invoice in the bag to make your life easier , sometimes PR has to pack things quickly. Opps! no invoice . So this means you have to make one of your own. So Judith Ripka sent you more than 25 pieces of jewelry that you have to create your on invoice for , after that you must  describe each every piece with detail, next you have to photograph each and every piece ,hoping there is a digital camera available. Technology has helped in this instance because you can take pictures on your phone and send it to the fashion closet email . Next you have to find a space on the check -in rack if checking – in garments , and shoes or find jewelry trays if your checking -in accessories or shades . Jewelry trays can be hard to find due to so many check- ins at times . So now we get creative ,while I’m thinking of what to do, everyone is scattered around asking questions ,where are those  Louboutins ? they were right here , the fashion assistant is yelling to the top of her voice because the messenger is there  to pick them up and hall them to the shoot. Someone finds an empty Tom Ford shoe box so you can use  the top of shoe box  as a jewelry tray so you can complete the Ripka check -in. Things calm down its only 3pm, lunch time. You been there since 9am and your day is still going strong . You run to the lunch area and grab a 30min lunch break, but that’s if your lucky. Sometimes you have to grab a quick snack and eat on the subway to or from a pick-up on an a busy day.So you think there is nothing to do “WRONG” now its time to clear out pieces that are not being use. Time to do returns, sometimes it  can be smooth but the majority of the times it’s not. Now I have to go through so many files trying to find the original  invoice .If I find it I can pack the piece up,staple the invoice to the bag, and then wait for the fashion assistant to check it to make sure it is correct . After a 45min search trying to find a non existing invoice I must create one but in the middle of that I have an urgent pick-up at Hermes that’s pressing , so I drop what I’m doing and back to the subway I go, I rush back to find out they are not using but 13 of the 25 Ripka pieces so now after I finish checking in the Hermes pieces , I have to send back half of the Ripka pieces that I picked up this morning and finish packing up the previous return I was working on before I was sent back out. A photo- graphic memory ,attention to detail , and multitasking skills are very important in this job other than tough skin. It’s 9pm. the fashion assistant asks you to put together many looks from Style.com as the other half of the room is packing for a shoot in Paris for the May issue.  Still a long night . Here comes the Market Assistant ,she tells the people packing for the shoot  that they  must separate the pieces by fabric ,and color . There is more than 30 looks. Oh yes, while you at it we can’t take certain accessories over seas ,such as snake-skin, and certain metals , so you have unpack all the accessories ,remove the pieces, and  put them on the return side of the room.So much to do so little time, its way after 11pm now and we are still here. In comes the trunks and we finally begin to pack. This is a typical life of one “Trapped in the closet “.

Tie the “Knot!”

Neck ties have always been that piece of accessory , that always gave a man that extra crisp and professional look. Neckties came from  the history of being worn for formal looks, uniforms and waiters staff  . The first necktie dates all the way back to 1720’s   .Neckties come in a wide range of colors,shapes , and patterns . From polka dots , to strips , plaids ,to vibrant yellows ,to navy or black. You can find that perfect tie to complete any look. Ties look the best with suites and even causal looks that include a blazer,  a button down collared shirt  and a nice pair of denim .Even ties have an accessory .Some come with buttons ,or even a tie clip. Ties make a  perfect  Christmas or Birthday gift for dad,husband ,brother,or son .Even a great gift for that  fashionable women ,going for the “Man”look ” with a Feminine Twist.

Some stores and sites that carry great men’s neckties .

Loehmanns.com – http://www.loehmanns.com/

H&M – http://www.hm.com/us/

Express.com – http://www.express.com/home.jsp

TopShop / TopMan – http://www.topshop.com

Macy’s- http://www.macys.com/

anymore .

Time Out New York – Street Style -Shopping + Style !

Hello my Fashionable Readers, I just want to post some of my work that has been published, to my blog .Ive done some Street Style work while at Time Out Magazine . One was at the Rock the Bells Music Fest. held in NYC this past summer ,and Fashion Night Out #2011 in Downtown New York in the fashion forward neighborhood known as #SOHO.

Make sure to check out the Time Out New York Shopping+ Style  for great deals, new store openings, and also sample sales . http://newyork.timeout.com 

Fashion Night Outhttp://newyork.timeout.com/shopping-style/1961483/street-fashion-fashions-night-out-downtown

Rock the Bells Music Fest. – http://newyork.timeout.com/shopping-style/1933335/street-fashion-rock-the-bells

Also looking to Post about an upcoming Sample Sale – email – Fashion@timeoutny.com


Benefitting, the Music Unites Foundation, The New York Fame will hold a Charity Event on February 15th 2012 at the Manhattan Center Studios, home of the Hammerstein and the Grand in New York City. Featuring establish and emerging fashion designers and performers from around the world. Music Unites a non-profit organization, partners with established and emerging artists to present concerts which raise awareness and funding for music programs in inner city schools. Music Unites also brings these artists into the schools and communities served by the organization to teach and inspire through the power of music.
This past September 9th, The New York FAME left its mark during NY Fashion Week, as the marquee event to attend. From it’s celebrity attendees such as Legendary Natalie Cole, Chyna Lyane from the award winning Oscar movie Precious, R&B performer Trina, Pamela Long from Bad Boy Records, and special performance by Nuttin But Stringz from Americas Got Talent.
To date, the following artist are confirmed to perform in our February event:
•  BET Music Matter -Kimberly Nichole
•  Grammy Nominated R&B Singer- Jazzy
•  Grammy Nominated- Aaron Camper
•  Americas Got Talent – Nuttin But Stringz
•  Texas Rising Star- Kindra Stroud
Hosted By

  •  Award nominated R&B Recording Artist – Keke Wyatt
  • Our VIP Media Lounge will be hosted by Cherry Martinez of NY Power 105.1.
An estimated total of 8 acts will perform over the two evenings, encompassing a broad, multi-generational portfolio of talent.
THE NEW YORK FAME is New York City¹s premier outlet for high-end fashion designers and philanthropists to come together to highlight style and social good. This is a NYC focused event during fashion week and it will highlight designers, entertainers, and charities, both known & unknown..The New York FAME continually strives to develop and offer the best possible products and services to our customers. Additionally, to demonstrate our appreciation and commitment to the community, The New York FAME is a willing partner and resource for The Music Unites Foundation.